About Albgroup


The work of a dedicated team, service to hundreds of customers, the trust of many suppliers and international partners, the passion to always contribute to the development of 4 current companies was christened AlbGroup. Albgroup includes under its name 4 companies and more than 9 years of experience in entrepreneurship for the cleaning, sanitation, distribution, technology and tourism sectors. Albpastrim, Albsolution, Albacademy, Direct Booker have brought to the Albanian market innovative services and products for the time, have educated the market and the consumer aiming to be a leader in their sector. Through Albgroup companies we have tried to improve the living conditions and Our customers' work, we strive to influence the overall development of the community by offering a wide range of products and services to every industry.


AlbGroup is an organization that aims to create solutions for a range of businesses in a variety of industries. We are not just an accomplished image but we are also the mirror to become much more.


We adapt to your needs and ongoing transformation. Whatever the industry, whatever the country, we are there to increase your success.


We have built our business on the skills of our employees, partnerships and the courage to face challenges. At AlbGroup opportunities for progress are closely linked especially to the quality of management and we have learned how to manage together.


2020 – Albooker
A new platform for the Albanian market, Albooker which comes to the aid of all owners of apartments or hotels but also of all visitors from all over the world. Using knowledge, experience and innovation, Albooker's vision is to become one of the leading holiday rental agencies in Albania…